La Peste Noire

Black Metal del chingòn, no pendejadas.

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  1. es muy bueno!

    He aquí?I follow back

  2. I have just started work on a underground arts and literature magazine to be distributed free on the street and in independent book shops (initially in london).

    The magazine will be called 'Samizdat' and each issue (if there is more than one) will have a different theme. The first issue's theme will be DEATH. We feel it is sufficiently provocative and gives plenty of scope (not just the death of a human).

    We will have a weekly music article and what with the subject matter we thought this issue should cover DEATH METAL. I am hoping that one of you guys would be able to write a short piece explaining it, what it's about, misconceptions and its origins.

    Let me know what you think, Ainsley.